On Theory: De-Politicizing the Work of Scholars


The Middleton Center presented On Theory: De-Politicizing the Work of Scholars, a virtual panel discussion. The panel discussed various academic theories and their use in scholarly work.


a photo of thomas bennett




Prof. Thomas Bennett, Assoc. Professor of Law

a photo of christina carney




Dr. Christina Carney, Asst. Professor, Black Studies and Women's & Gender Studies

a photo of elizabeth king




Dr. Elizabeth King, Assoc. Professor of Biological Sciences

a photo of s. david mitchell




Dr. S. David Mitchell, Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Middleton Center

a photo of christopher okonkwo




Dr. Christopher Okonkwo, Assoc. Professor of English

Moderated by Dr. Stephanie Shonekan, Senior Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Science, Co-Director of the Middleton Center, and Professor of Music.