Constitution Day Lecture


For the Kinder Institute’s annual James E. Fleming and Linda C. McClain Constitution Day Lecture, Lynne M. Jackson, President and Founder of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation and the great-great granddaughter of Harriet and Dred Scott, will unpack the backstory of the landmark Dred Scott decision and how the Constitution was used and abused in reaching it. Co-sponsored by the MU Department of Black Studies and the Michael A. Middleton Center for Race, Citizenship, and Justice, the talk will be held at 5pm on September 15 in Cook Hall at the State Historical Society of Missouri.


There are many twists and turns in the Dred Scott decision which lasted almost eleven years. Learn some of the back stories of how and why the decision came to be so rendered, some upcoming responses to the 14th Amendment, the Missouri Supreme Court Case of 1852, how the Constitution was used and abused, as well as the effect on the people involved.