A Campus to Call Home: A Conversation on Identity, Belonging, and Space at Mizzou


The discussion featured former first lady of the UM System, Dr. Julie Middleton, as the panel offered reflections on how the Mizzou campus has changed and its impact on the state and local community. Topics included the history of student movements at Mizzou, the importance of the Legion of Black Collegians, and the unique history of Read Hall.  

Dr. Julie Middleton, former First Lady of UM System and Director of Organizational Development and Extension Professional at MU
Dr. Mary Beth Brown, Toppan Rare Books Librarian, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming
Jordan Pellerito, MU Student
Caleb Sewell, MU Student and President of the Legion of Black Collegians
Catherine Huttinett, MU Student
Bailey Martin, MU Student