About Us

The Michael A. Middleton Center promotes excellence in the multi-disciplinary study of race, citizenship, and justice in the United States. The Middleton Center supports and promotes scholarship on these issues within and beyond the University of Missouri; gathers and analyzes historical and contemporary knowledge; and fosters dialogue and engagement across a variety of internal and external stakeholders. The Middleton Center attracts and welcomes a multitude of perspectives and ideas.  This intentional level of engagement reflects a rich spectrum of discourses and provides space to evolve as a university, as a community and as a society. The Middleton Center promotes theoretical and applied research aimed at making a meaningful impact on communities affected by disparities in education, health and economic opportunities and to celebrate the human dignity of people in those communities. 

The Middleton Center contributes directly to at least three of the strategic goals for the University of Missouri: Research and Creative Works; Engagement and Outreach; and Inclusive Excellence.